Hereditary ★★★★½

Hereditary is... a treat.

There have been so many recent horror films that have done it all wrong and solely rely on predictable jump scares to please an audience. And while Hereditary does have a couple of moments where jumping in your seat is sort of inevitable, those aren't its main source of terror. Hereditary is chilling, unsettling, and just plain scary. I was spooked and shocked at what was unfolding on screen. There were countless of "holy shit" scenes and I'm honestly super happy that I went to go watch this movie because it was worth every dollar spent. Hereditary is pretty straightforward and closed-ended, but there's a bunch of stuff that goes on which is worth discussing and dissecting. I've also gotta mention that the camerawork was remarkable and the cinematography was an incredible delight.

The only thing I didn't like about Hereditary was the high school culture that was depicted (because it's annoying), but luckily, there isn't a lot of that and it doesn't distract from the film at hand. The performances were phenomenal, even from Alex Wolff; I did not have high expectations from him and I was even anticipating disappointment because it seemed like a poor casting choice, but he was surprisingly very good. The actress who portrayed the mother was stupendous as well. She displayed grief, hysteria, and devastation in a way that felt so real and sympathetic.

My mother hates horrors, and even she was blown away by how much she enjoyed this picture. I loved it and I'll absolutely be open to watching it again, sometime soon.

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