Spencer ★★★★

My second watch
Only complaint is that I kinda wish there were a bit more meat on the bones here (not sure what that means though).

Otherwise, man oh man, what a goddamn movie. Gonna be raving about the score and camerawork and acting forever. A few days ago, my mom pointed out that each scene is like a perfect, self-contained thing and that's just so true. Dialogue and performances are aggressively on-point, and I'm a huge fan of this conceit where each supporting character gets their own little scene and leaves a distinct impression through that alone (Sean Harris being the MVP). The dancing scene got me crying so damn much, but my favorite scene is probably still the nighttime game with her sons.

Also massive fan of the ending, I read a critique the other day that it's too hopeful and undermines Diana's later struggles, so I was curious to watch it again and see where I landed with that, and honestly I think the gravity is still very much there with that last shot. Perfect performance, perfect cut to black. Obsessed with this damn movie.

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