Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Road to My End of the Decade List - Movie #87

Ohoho hell yes. Not only one of the best movies of 2019 but also the most 2019 movie of 2019. Rian Johnson takes the elements of a classic whodunnit and supplants them into the 21st century - a world of Twitter, online articles, and internet trolls. It's submerged in today's social and political zeitgeist but never feels didactic or obnoxious. In fact, its twist on the genre feels refreshing, polished, and rejuvenating despite smartly delivering a number of well-worn tropes. It's also truly hilarious and has some of the cleverest writing this year. The performances are really great and I'm already prepping my frustration for Ana de Armas' inevitable and unjustified best actress snub at the Oscars. Overall, the film is entertaining as hell but also has something important to say - in short, it's the exact kind of movie I needed this year (even though I already got it with Parasite). An absolute blast. Eat. The. Fucking. Rich.

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