Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★

My second watch.
Dangerously close to a 9, might move it up soon.

Watched a video about this movie a few months ago and have been meaning to rewatch it since because it reminded me of elements that I'd forgotten about and really love. So much haunting stuff in this film, the last act is so unsettling. And I forgot the soundtrack is as top-notch as it is (possibly because it's filled with songs I love now but probably only slightly knew when I first watched it). Perfect to watch late at night, good decision on my part.

Only a few elements that keep this from being an easy 9 for me - mostly some "edgy" dialogue, plus I guess a couple moments that I wish were cut a bit more sharply? Also, not the movie's fault at all, but IMDbTV threw in a two minutes ad break right before the cut to black, which dampened the impact right there at the end. Might've been a 9 otherwise? Idk, I clearly really love this movie regardless, I'm excited to rewatch it many times. Might even fuck around and throw it in with Scream and Rosemary's Baby as an annual October viewing, who knows?

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