thelilyankee has written 21 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2019.

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    I want to confess :
    I haven’t watch any QT movies at all..

    I’m planning to watch all of his work prior seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I’m giving this a 4 just because I believe his later films are far more remarkable.

  • Living in Oblivion

    Living in Oblivion


    Shown in my producing class today.

    Living in Oblivion is one of those little delights for a film buff to see, or perhaps of a particular film buff.

  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe


    100 Movies Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    It has everything a horror movie fans would like to see: disturbing scenes, contained suspense, some good scares, creepy atmosphere, and a story that’s creepy enough to keep you up at night thinking about dead bodies.

    Some false scares were annoying, and there are a few plot holes. But it hasn’t ruined the experience for me, it’s still a good watch for fans of the genre.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    100 Movies Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    Firstly, it’s a complete mess, but in a good way. Can’t think of a more fitting conclusion than to just mash all of the superheroes and the plot points together and see what happens. 

    The first two hours were full of fan service moments and the plot didn’t really move forward as fast as it could’ve, which could be rough to get through, unless you’ve really watched every MCU movies from…

  • Cloverfield



    100 Movies Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    This movie did a really good job of making you feel as though you’re taking part in the movie. It’s gotta be one of the best found-footage movie out there. If it’s not filmed in that style, the experience and the atmosphere wouldn’t be as powerful as it is.

    I already watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and Cloverfield Paradox prior to this, and I don’t seem to really get the connection between the three despite the presence of the Cloverfield monster. Is this supposed to be a trilogy?

  • Jackie



    100 Movie Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    For the most part, I enjoyed Jackie. That music score of wailing violins in the beginning followed by unflattering close-up cinematography, Jackie becomes a haunting experience and ultimately a crushing story about grief.

    To be honest, this is a film where I liked pretty much everything, but didn’t love as much. The cinematography, costumes, and the music score were great, but the only thing that I truly loved was Natalie Portman’s performance as Jackie Kennedy. This movie wouldn’t work at all if it wasn’t for her performance. She was fantastic!

  • Shazam!



    100 Movie Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    Not only this is a good superhero movie for the DCEU; but on its own, this movie was great from start to finish. Such a fun movie! Witty, sweet, joyful, obnoxious, and genuine.  It perfectly blends action and comedy while still keeping the necessarily emotional components needed to make a meaningful story.

    Although, there’s a decision in the end that didn’t really work for me, and the villain that gets boring over time, but those things were pushed aside instantly as the movie kept maintaining the entertainment value on a high level.

  • Unfriended



    This shit is just so entertaining

    Didn’t intended to watch the movie, but ended up watching the whole thing.

    A lot of unrealistic and stupid stuff, but who cares? As I said, it’s ENTERTAINING as fuck from even when the Universal logo showed up.

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    This movie started off with a five-star but unfortunately it just went down hill. I liked some of the stories but most of them were just boring. 

    Luckily, the visuals in the movie is just outstanding that makes it impossible to fell asleep during this film. The cinematography was aesthetic and gorgeous. Everything looks beautiful; the landscape, production design, and the costumes are all excellent.

    *I’m totally sold for Buster Scruggs’ solo film. 

  • I Can Only Imagine

    I Can Only Imagine


    There are a lot of Christians movie that are so badly acted and cheesy. And I would say the first 20 or so minutes fall into that category. Kind of cheesy, with some cringe-worthy dialogue, and the child acting was a bit off.

    However, this is one of that movies that eventually gets better and better as it progress the story forward. And by the last act of the movie, I was hooked. This is a really good movie, and…

  • Conor McGregor: Notorious

    Conor McGregor: Notorious


    Being a huge fan of Conor himself, of course this is biased. I enjoyed the first time seeing it, but the second viewing was even more entertaining. 

    Whatever you might think about him, his arrogance, his ego; after watching this it’ll all make sense when you see how hard he has worked to be where he is right now. Trully inspiring.

    My only problem is that it’s 90 minutes long. I wanted it to be longer (at least for me)…

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    This film is more of a historical psychological thriller rather than a hollywood horror movie.
    This is not as much about scary moments or jump scare and more about a family coping with a lost child, and the movie trying to build suspense and just make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

    Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Inesson did a good job. The score is amazing, there are periods of intense silence and periods of creepy music at just the right times to build tension. For the negative, it’s feels a bit too slow of a pacing during the first half even for my taste.