thelilyankee has written 8 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2019.

  • Newness



    Nothing great, but not terrible either.
    Definitely passable.

  • Heartthrob



    100 Movies Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    I don’t know if this movie is supposed to be a romance or a dark thriller. Either way, it failed to deliver. The inconsistency and the back-and-forth between those two tones gets really annoying at some point.

    The script was kinda bad.. Actions of a certain character seem to have no consequences at all. And the ending is literally unbelievable— not in a good way. It just doesn’t make any sense!

    It started off pretty nice tho

  • Hotel Mumbai

    Hotel Mumbai


    100 Movie Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    There are a lot to say here

    This movie basically helps the terrorists job of spreading terror. Honestly, what’s the point of this movie? It just opens up old wounds of a sad and tragic event that happened in Mumbai, 2008. It doesn’t add anything new nor try to say something meaningful about the event. *sigh*

    From the filmmaking perspective, the cinematography was nice, pretty much all the acting were great.…

  • The Windmill Massacre

    The Windmill Massacre


    100 Movie Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    The first act was totally fine, it sets up multiple random characters fairly quickly and straight to the point with little hints about their past. There are  some nice kills that were suitably gory and creative. 

    However, the pace started to fell apart in the second act. There were too many dull and not always necessary flashbacks that don’t always illuminate that much. And the suspense could’ve been more consistent.

    Honestly, it’s not so bad.

  • 13 Sins

    13 Sins


    100 Movie Challenge (1st Apr - 30th Jun)

    13 Sins delivered what it was supposed to do with enough intrigue, suspense, and action to keep you interested for the 90 minutes runtime. At least the movie started well and overall first half was much better. 

    Since this is no longer a fresh idea for a film, I expected more from the story, but I was disappointed. A lot of plot holes, dumb decisions, and unintentionally hilarious moments, I would honestly suggest other similar title if you ask me.

  • Destroyer



    I couldn’t find anything interesting here. I’m okay with slow paced thriller but this one is just straight up boring.

  • Welcome the Stranger

    Welcome the Stranger


    This movie is an atmospheric psychological mystery thriller with a BORING plot and a terrible TERRIBLE slow pace. This film was actually quite interesting in the beginning until you realize at the end it's just a hampster wheel going nowhere. 

    Anyway, this movie looks visually beautiful and stunning, the cinematography were amazing I must admit. And some of the actings too were quite terrific, mainly Abbey Lee who’s easily the best part of the movie.

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    At some point you can't keep the audience in the dark for the entire movie. While most movies have a beginning, middle, and end, it seemed this had a beginning, beginning and beginning. It just never really picked up. 

    I'm shocked IMDB and rotten tomatoes had such a positive rating on this. 

    I appreciated the cinematography and acting, but towards the end I was hoping for the movie to finally end.