I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★½

This movie is such a trip. One second you're repulsed by Slytherin mascot Marla Grayson (played to forked-tongue perfection by ice queen Rosamund Pike) and the next you're laughing while she verbally spars with a sleazy lawyer-cum-sex-symbol-status Chris Messina.

All I wanted from this was another round with Amy Dunne and, for the most part, I got it (with queer sprinkles on top, too!). The ample style, rad techno score (Reznor & Ross, eat your heart out!), and the opportunity to once again root for Peter Dinklage made it an easy winner. Dianne Wiest shines in a supporting role. I had fun on top of fun with this. Psychopath cinema wins yet again. Don't miss it!

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