Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★½

Decidedly of the present, David Cronenberg's latest ghoulish descent into the pit of the basest essence of "humanity" is a provocative, obtuse, and labyrinthine exploration of body autonomy as vice. As a gross, disturbing vision, 'Crimes of the Future' is a fine return to form for Cronenberg who once again delights in presenting a world where our enmeshing with technology has led us into the land of mundane depravity. That the director has delved into similar areas before doesn't detract from an effective exercise in unsettling philosophy.

Especially as our global interconnectivity leads us to continually become ever more desensitized to what was once shocking, 'Crimes' resonates as a frightening portrait of advancement gone amok. It's not easy to stomach in more ways than one but its message is undeniably compelling to consider both within and without its tenebrous confines.

P.S. Cronenberg popped up as a featured actor in two things I watched recently ('Star Trek: Discovery' and 'Disappearance at Clifton Hill') and both appearances were as bizarrely random as they were welcome. With cool composure and a distinctively measured affect, the filmmaker could've easily had a career as an actor.
P.P.S. As usual, I LOVE Howard Shore's work here. He and Cronenberg go together like smooth butter on crisp toast.

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