Spencer ★★★

Ok before anything, let me just rant for a second about the people next to me. Right before the movie started, this 55 year old white lady and her friend sat next to me. She was wearing a Disney shirt and had a Disney bag. As soon as the movie started, she took out a Mickey Mouse cookie with the loudest wrapper I’ve ever heard. Then she starts eating it with her mouth opening with the anger of a thunder storm. As this is going on she is constantly doing little laughs whenever something (funny or not) happens. She’s doing this with a mouth full of cookie. Then she starts pointing out actors she knows to herself AND THEN she starts to talk constantly, making little comments whenever something happens. Kristen Stewart was there for a Q&A afterwards and she continued this behavior. I tried to stop her, shushing her twice but nothing. Then when I got up to leave the old man said “Wow, watch it son!” As I passed him. Y’know these were children once, beautiful children, but something has happened and I don’t know whether to be the most compassionate to them or not to be at all.

The movie is pretty fine, a lot of on the nose stuff but a few great moments. Jonny greenwood is king.

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