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  • Steven Universe Future
  • Nate: A One Man Show
  • The Work
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

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  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    The lady sitting next to me got a to-go box for her popcorn.

    She also spent 3 minutes on her phone calculating tip during the movie.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    It's silly to be a perfectionist. It's all compensating for the flaws that you find in yourself.

    But it's still really dang exciting to watch someone be a perfectionist. Wowee, is this a process movie. And I loved it.

    My favorite Fincher right behind Social Network.

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  • Thirst



    Hi. I’m a perpetually recovering codependent, coming from extremely religious thinking. I also consider myself a love addict. 

    To say this movie resonates with me is an understatement. 

    I recognize the martyr complex. The desire to be fixed by a woman. Giving in to abhorrent behavior (not murder, thankfully), making the allusion of penance, but really you want more. 

    It’s a dishonest life. I need to be viewed as perfect. But it refuses the basic truth of my existence. I…

  • Yentl



    This movie is gorgeous to look at. 

    And Babs translates Broadway logic to the screen quite wonderfully. But you have to buy into it in a big way. Which, y’know…I did. 

    But, like…this movie is so gorgeous to look at.

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  • Pen15: Jacuzzi

    Pen15: Jacuzzi


    3 stars for this episode in particular. 

    5 stars for the entire show.

  • The Flash

    The Flash


    Free screening!

    There's no reason why Warner Brothers had to let this get to screens. It's a fun watch, but does nothing particularly original. And gets bogged down with easter eggs and references. Skip this.

    But bonus points to the woman who pulled out a large salad, a whole bottle of vinaigrette, and a nice set of wooden eating utensils.

    Her bag was not that large. But it was large enough for all three of those things.

    Also, her son…