The Godfather

The Godfather

If you are honest the characters are the root of the whole story here, Marlon Brando is amazing as Don Vito, and seeing his character turn from a Mafia expert to a frail, old man is an amazing character development and is very interesting to watch. Al Pacino is also amazing in thus, his character the whole way through is even more interesting to watch.

The story is great, it is based off of Mario Puzo's book (which I haven't read but what I have heard about it it's a great adaptation) and it tells the story so damn well, I dare you to pick out a single flaw with the stuff this film represents to you.

The visuals are also amazing, the blood is very realistic, I think the visual storytelling for this is actually quite underappreciated. A lot of this you could get without the audio.

The acting from Al Pacino is straight up one of my all-time favourite movie performances, and even though Marlon Brando is a bit grating at the start, you get used to it and once you get used to it... he's also astounding.

Not to mention the amount of iconic quotes this film has... "It's not personal sonny, it's strictly business", "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse", Revenge is a dish best served cold" etc.

And the scenes... the baptism... the opening scene... and who could forget, the Sicilian part. Oh my god!

Yeah, it's a classic.

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