Wonder Woman 1984

when they said wonder woman 1984 i thought they meant like neon colors and synths but they meant all the horrifying, reagan era geopolitics and middle eastern stereotypes. doesn't help that it also looks like shit and has no sense of character or pace, it can't even successfully recreate the clean action or lead chemistry that the first film had let alone attach them to some sort of story, the whole thing just bizarrely lumbers to its 5 minutes of weightless slomo action sequences scattered throughout the ungodly runtime and confused plot attempts (at times utterly baffling ones, see: the insane and completely unaddressed way chris pine is written back in, pretty much anything to do with kristen wiig's knockoff selina kyle subplot, the entire concept of trying to apply its weird monkey paw allegory to real-world suffering and global politics) to make the idea of a world filled with people wanting to change their shitty circumstances some sort of moral and emotional failing on their part? no idea what anyone involved was thinking here. maybe we could all use another year without these movies.

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