Women Talking

Women Talking ★★

not a fun movie to dislike because there's obvious value in its emotional reckoning with patriarchal power and sexual abuse, and ideas about how to turn conversation (political, spiritual, moral) and planning into material results... but it utterly fails to dramatically convey or formally structure them, or simply turn them into much more than agreeable, one-note essay bullet points. passionately performed ones at times maybe, just unfortunately in a way can't help but feel like it's been jerry-rigged backwards from the nomination clips it didn't even end up getting. makes for a strange viewing experience that doesn't leave you a whole lot to engage with other than the baffling ben wishaw sitting-his-ass-down-and-listening male ally role/performance and truly hideous shooting style/color grade that actually prompted me to look up the tech specs to see how it was even possible to achieve.

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