Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness ★★★

gonna give this one the light pass because i liked it more than the square and kinda respect it taking the near-parody levels of controlled, euroart satire of that film to a few legitimately funny, anarchic and gross-out extremes. i just miss when his comedic observations of social/physical behavior were contained to intimate character dynamics (like in force majeure) instead of these painfully broad mouthpiece sketches that Make You Think. because when he wants to be ostlund is a pretty skilled engineer of visual and sociological absurdity, and i'd argue there's a stretch in the middle here where he does actually achieve the vulgar, misanthropic mix of buñuel, haneke and roy andersson he's been chasing for a few years now, but it's sandwiched between some painfully long, dry and toothless stuff with regard to beauty/gender/class hierarchy. rich french people definitely love this guy way too much but idk, looks nice, chuckled a few times, sick credits music. whatever

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