The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★

Still under the impression that only through Sorkin brain could one possibly see Mark Zuckerberg as a tragic Charles Foster Kane figure but also that only through Fincher (and his extreme digital fluidity) could that idea be expressed vividly and bitingly enough that you sorta believe it too. This thing just moves at a blistering pace with an almost single-minded sense of progression that feels focused and controlled while also having no less than 6 different conversations with itself at any given moment.

It's extremely impressive on a technical/formal level obviously but it also does suggest the way that basic communication and interaction and thought have been intensely altered by technology. The sheer amount of information, the speed and precision of it, the impulsive urge to post, etc as well as the complex financial process and technocratic institutions and public stages we've built just to have one of the simplest conversations, one we've been having since the very beginning: what starts as 2 people at a table ends as 1 person at a table. "I was drunk, and angry, and stupid... and blogging."

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