The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★

look, i won't argue that there's a lot going on here the previous ones didn't already do better with regard to violent corruption of capitalism, the sins of the father punishing the rest of the family, mob life as shakespearen tragedy, etc. but idk coppola still has the goods behind the camera (backroom discussions of business, family, death and regret in willis' browns and shadows is simply what cinema is), adding international banks and the pope introduces a not uninteresting thread about money vs. god and i think michael (now a sad, aging diabetic who just wants the best for his kids) going full circle into an old, “respectable” don filled with regret completes the cycle of irreparable pain these movies began with and pacino presents more shades to it in his performance than people seem to give the movie credit for. going from where we started with michael in the first film to seeing him scream at god from the italian opera steps and then pitifully keeling over with grey hair. brutal. also garcia and sofia are nowhere near as bad as i've been led to believe in fact i kinda liked them both? and the corrupt vatican banker hanging from the bridge has to be one of the best images in these movies (based on a real murder from what i've read, yikes) and the helicopter massacre/opera assassination montage are both fire.