Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★

"you want forgiveness... get religion"

if you can meet raimi on his bizarre wavelength here there are real pleasures to be found in both its absurdism and melodrama. quite a bit clumsier than raimi's previous instalments, to be sure, but no less interested in the poetic nature of spidey in movement and the emotional lives of the superhuman... particularly moving is the film's refusal to let its characters make easy choices—everyone here is being hurt by bad decisions (of their own and others), trying and failing to make amends for them, and learning to live with the fallouts, emotional and otherwise. remember when these movies were interested in people? good times. (totally petty sidenote: all of the musical/jazz club stuff here between peter and mj is miles better than La La Land lmao.)

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