Skyfall ★★★★

it's come to my attention now that i'm no longer in an imax theater at 18 blown away by all the pretty colors that this is a movie in part about how necessary old-fashioned, hawkish liberal statecraft/institutions/values still are in the new digital age, but this movie also (still) has a real sense of rhythm to it, very graceful camera moves, incredible setpieces/location work, craig is so hot, etc. and unfortunately if the tradeoff for receiving very stylish, expressive sadboi killing machine action shit that's this psychologically-engaged and expensive is that i sometimes have to listen to dame judi dench give a monologue about bad politics i think it's a fair one. bardem surrounded by a server farm in an abandoned ruin flamboyantly ranting in a single long shot about how he and bond are sorta like cannibal rats intentionally trained and unleashed into the world by their captors for the sole purpose of murder is what i go to the movies for.