Resurrection ★★★

Obviously a great actors showcase for Hall and Roth that gestures towards the abusive, unhinged grieving couple dynamics of previous arthouse allegory genre outings like Possession or Antichrist and the chilly city atmospherics/psychological unraveling of Dead Ringers (which it even cribs part of its climax from) but also suffers a bit from the same thing all these modern "elevated" movies do in the sense that it's basically got one incredibly simple idea that it hammers over and over for the majority of its runtime at a really slow, mysterious, self-satisfied pace.

I like that Hall gets to go to some uglier, more complicated places in the nuances of her expressions and there's some solid tense mood at times but there are also a lot of scenes in here that amount to her being anxious and weird and derailing her life because Tim Roth is... walking around... In these moments I was honestly reminded of Alex's Garland's recent failure Men in how vague and elliptical and universal it's trying to be about this specific type of abuse. I think overall this film is a lot more successful at what it's doing but unfortunately it does get a bit monotonous after a while and I guess Iwas just expecting a little more to chew on. Where this one absolutely deserves credit however is that instead of ending on the same downbeat shrug so many of these fall into the trap of it actually fully commits to its idea and takes it to its most logical, literal, gnarly conclusion in its final minutes which I definitely appreciated.

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