Hell Fest

Hell Fest ★★

honestly not poorly realized, pretty easy watch with a solid premise and some nasty kills, but the screenplay (attributed to six!!! writers) is stripped of personality to the point of aggressively non-specific plastic; vague characters doing hollow modern party culture stuff in a bunch of overtly fake sets and lighting. there's an argument to be made that its meant to reflect the artificiality of the haunted house itself (and our familiarity with the slasher genre) but that version of this movie would need a much more ambitious director, one that actually wants to examine that rather than let it incidentally arise from the low budget. i mean there's only so many cynically deployed "is it real or is it part of the show?!?!" scares you can pull in less than 90 minutes before i just lose interest. not to mention craven already demolished that shit with Scream; he even literally did the artificial set shit in Scream 3 by having sidney being chased through the hollywood movie set of her childhood home which has the added emotional heft of the audience knowing she's re-enacting her own mother's murder.