Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★

if the edwards Godzilla is the only american godzilla to genuinely recreate the original 1954 film's sense of melancholy and horror about massive, man-made destruction and its psychic and environmental consequences (in my estimation anyway) then this is the only american godzilla to genuinely recreate those goofy kaiju brawler sequels. they tried and failed imo with KoM because they wanted to bridge the two kinds of movies in a way that didn't compliment either, but this cuts that 30 minutes of hemming and hawing over environmental terrorism and cliche familial melodrama and just fully commits to very quickly laying out all the dumb mechanics for why these fights are gonna happen and then indulges in them for every clever piece of choreography and geography they could come up with. it also helps that this is about as colorful and imaginative with its imagery as these have been thus far; the typical nighttime cg mush traded in for these constantly flowing, roaming, wide cameras in broad daylight or lit up with neon as a monkey jumps off an aircraft carrier/tries to suplex the giant lizard or a spaceship doing 360's around atomic fire breath that is being blocked by an ancient axe that was found at the earth's core. even if i do miss the patience and spielbergian formal simplicity of the film that kicked off this universe i wouldn't hate more of these. a fun time at the movie house! 3 bags of popcorn 🍿🍿🍿

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