Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★

the top-billed performances are fantastic, the fights are visually dynamic, the cutting and attempts at genre pastiche and looney tunes anarchy are ambitious but i've never had a movie i was enjoying as much as i was in its first hour or so wear out its welcome as quickly as this did. i actually like the movie in here just about a stressed immigrant family and when it was very simply and naturally building its light absurdity out of those realities i was with it but around the time we hit the black hole bagel and hot dog fingers and this finally revealed its true deliberately, pointlessly exhausting nature it just became frustrating.

that nature being of course to rework elements from far better movies into an endless rick & morty-esque parade of monotonous, self-satisfied quirk that is very thinly tied to a deceptively obvious and reductive "emotional core" about generational trauma and being nice or whatever. it actually cribs so blatantly from the harmon formula (where sleight-of-hand throwaway gags are built in succession to dress up an undercurrent of philosophy and therapy 101) im surprised the russos didn't put his name on it retroactively.

and saying this in the nicest way possible because i do think this film has a few moments of genuine visual inspiration and i do see what people see in it: i didn't have to read an interview to know these guys learned their trade from youtube and think pixar is the height of emotional storytelling. ultimately about as good as something so densely packed with shallow gimmickry and absurd mawkishness could be i guess.

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