Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

I guess I expected less from the lack of summer buzz (or because I was in a hole of post production and missed it in theaters) but had a LOT of fun with this. A mix of SMOKIN ACES, any Guy Ritchie movie, a few Takashi Miike flicks & MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS remake with a healthy dose of sophomoric humor and clever script mechanics.
Pitt was a breezy delight, almost as if “Floyd” from TRUE ROMANCE grew up, put down the honey bear bong, found a life in crime and is seriously evaluating his life.
Watch it like that and it’s a total hoot.
Enjoyed watching the ensemble casting having a blast on Sony’s dime.
The cameos were a bit of a flex but hell, why not? 
The Water Bottle steals the show. 
Just a fun, stylish romp.

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