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This review may contain spoilers.

Not just one of my favorite horror movies, one of my favorite movies period.

Stray thoughts during this rewatch:
- MacReady refusing to drop his bottle of J&B while being shot at is a whole mood.
- If I was stuck in Antarctica, I'd probably always be on roller skates and wearing sunglasses and rolling huge fatties too
- How did a research station in the middle of nowhere score such a sweet game room?
- Having the crew discover remains of an attack that foreshadows (and causes) their own is really a brilliant framing device and hook. Shit, I might finally have to watch the 2011 prequel.
- I'm one scotch deep, trying to get on that MacReady level.
- I can't imagine what this must have been like in a 1982 theater when the dog transforms. Holy fuck it's still unsettling.
- Keith David is a national treasure and not talked about enough.
- Finally realizing that maybe The Thing isn't what was piloting the UFO, but what caused the UFO to crash in the first place.
- Palmer is hilarious.
- MacReady with a flamethrower walked so Rick Dalton with a flamethrower could run.
- I'm two scotches deep now. How did that happen? Am I The Thing and don't know it?
- I wish Wilford Brimley's diabetuhs commercials were just him smashing shit with an axe.
- OH MY FUCK COPPER HAS A NOSE RING. Has he had it this whole time, or was he stressed he was going to die and was like YOLO?
- Mac vs. Windows.
- Sorry this is so long.
- Damn I wonder if I can squeeze in a quick game of Among Us after.
- Why aren't they all in the same room all the time?
- Blair's noose is a mood. Don't like him without a mustache though.
- "Who is The Thing?" and "When were they assimilated?" is a great play-along-at-home game.
- The Palmer reveal is still somehow unexpected. Shoutout to editor Todd Ramsay.
- "I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter tied to this fucking couch!" is my 2020 yearbook quote.
- I've never wanted to light a flare in the snow at night before but they make it look so cool.
- For an 80s movie, it's refreshing that the two Black guys are in the final group of survivors.
- "Yeah, fuck you too!" is my 2020 yearbook quote.
- Probably Unanswerable Question: is The Thing MacReady or Childs?

Fuck I love this movie.

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