A Parks and Recreation Special

A Parks and Recreation Special ★★★

Reviewing this as if it’s the entire Parks and Recreation show. Solid sitcom. It has some of the strongest comedy show characters i’ve seen and a really likeable cast. A lot of the prominent gags aren’t too in your face and don’t get old, leaves it open to a decent prop when the comedy gets slow. It has a really weak exposition to the show and the first season kinda sucks. It does pick up quite a bit when Ben and Chris are introduced. Before that point you are seemingly just understanding the characters and their personalistic quirks. Andy is by far the funniest in this show, absolutely carries it alongside Jerry and April. It does have its weaker characters like Ann who I feel isn’t utilized at all. Instead she kind of just compliments Leslies drive and outgoing ambition. Even at the end when they tried to send her off with a farewell, it felt rushed and that they needed a conclusion to her arc. Others like Tom and Andy had actual depth to their motivations instead of it being forced upon them at the end of the show. The last season is pretty alright as well and serves as a feel good ending, it felt like they had Tom act as the Andy from The Office which was a little repetitive if you had seen it previously done. Tom was slightly more likeable too beforehand so it felt more like a punch in the gut. Finally, Leslie and Ben’s conclusion was probably my favourite. It was pretty awesome seeing her achieve her dreams and you grow with her through the show. Her willingness to succeed and persevere is rather inspiring and motivational and the conclusion of that was fitting. The finale felt cliche at times (forcing two different characters to have some wholesome moment together), but it wrapped up this show quite well. Overall, the show balances humour with a linear and solid plot line incredibly well and for a sitcom, it’s genuinely more put together compared to others. It’s use of a government building as the setting lended itself well to the different characters personalities and ideal. As well, the show continued to excel in consistent episodes. There are very few simply “bad” episodes and most have their good moments. Feeling a high 6 on Parks and Recreation.