Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale ★★★½

Average Times at the Local Cinema.
In what feels like a missed opportunity, Bad Times at the El Royale deserves to be so much better.
It is a lot of fun with great style, cinematography and set design but the puzzle piece storyline didn't give me the satisfying ending I was hoping for. Perhaps after Cabin in the Woods, I was expecting some left-field ending but the third act felt too by the books and predictable considering the fantastic set-up.
The Hateful Eight with neon lights, it has a pretty great cast which never fully utilises any of them (Except Lewis Pullman as Miles who killed it and may be the final acts saving grace)
What starts out with intrigue and excitement falls at the final hurdle but is made watchable by the talented cast and bright visuals and it’s a shame more people aren’t seeing it.

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