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  • Little Odessa

    Little Odessa


    ”You know, there is a saying: When a child is six years old, it says, ‘the father can do everything.’ When he's twelve, he says, ‘the father can almost do everything.’ When he's sixteen, he says, ‘the father is an idiot.’ When he's twenty-four, he says, ‘the father wasn't maybe such an idiot,’ and then, when he's forty, he says, ‘if I could only ask my father.’ But I'm afraid my sons will never ask themselves that.”

    Curated Cupcake Cinema…

  • Bijou



    Bijou isn't really a film. It's an experience.

    Everything that director/writer/cinematographer Wakefield Poole presents onscreen in the course of 75 minutes is part of a complete thought, a fully realized idea. Certain works are especially revered by devotees of the Golden Age of Porn, and while some could arguably be better than others, Bijou remains one of the era's greatest achievements - at least in the gay adult canon - because Poole's creative sensibilities elevate this production to the realm…

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  • Careless Love

    Careless Love


    "I do love being here with you."

    Women Film Editors #223: Francine Winham

    Feeling like a tiny piece of a much larger puzzle, Francine Winham offers us a bleakly, darkly-comedically sick ten-minute trip into one woman's twisted obsession; going in blind led to unexpected horror as I head deeper into Spooky Season. Don't mess with devotion - it can be truly, horrifyingly dangerous.

    Earlier this year, Ian Opolot wrote a longform Quietus piece, "Fever Technique: The Spectral Photography of Francine…

  • Driller



    In 1984, the Golden Age of adult movies was all but over – the encroachment of home video was already eating into not only the theatrical outlets like the Pussycat Theater chain but also the production values and budgets of movies, with videotape replacing film and production schedules being reduced to as little as a day.

    But oddly, the crossover era of the final days of the Golden Age and the early days of the video era produced some decidedly…

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  • Phenomena



    "It's perfectly normal for insects to be slightly telepathic."
    "Hey, it's normal for insects... but am I normal?"

    Once again, an Argento hit! Teen Suspiria with a few dashes of Deep Red. I watched the 110-minute all-English cut, which felt like the right call. Great to see young Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasence (and his hirsute "nurse"), Daria Nicolodi, Patrick Bauchau and especially the perfect woman from Flesh for Frankenstein, Dalila Di Lazzaro. Also, best name I've seen in a while…

  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    "He took my body, but he cannot take my mind!"

    (Warning: spoilers in the last paragraph.)

    Fellas, is it gay if you steal your roommate's dead fiancée's heart and give it to him in exchange for him staying by your side and doing whatever you ask?

    Proving that a horror franchise can only benefit from less heterosexual romance and way more homoerotic subtext, Bride of Re-Animator is another frenzied delight from producer Brian Yuzna, who took over for Stuart Gordon…