The Little Things

The Little Things ★★

"Your dick is as hard as Chinese arithmetic!"

I literally had to look up what Chinese arithmetic means and its basically saying his dick is complicated. Really hoped that was improv cos that's a terrible line.

Denzel with the carry, Rami with the missed alley-oop as the miscast police detective, and Jared as the creepy mascot that is his unnecessary commitment to any role that I fear is his actual personality personified in his performances. The Little Things works with a script written in the 90s, set in the 90s, and feels like it should have been made in the 90s during the boom of thrillers that released after the success of The Silence of the Lambs that pushed the boundaries of darker storylines for serial killer films. The story lacks anything thrilling or gory in spectacle unless you find pale dead women frightening, which really just makes the film even more underwhelming as the whole thrill of the film is Jared undermining our two leads by being creepy toned down Joker Jared with a limb. With a decent enough performance from Denzel and Jared (I guess), The Little Things' saving grace is the eerie 90s era setting that accompanies the moody lightings that fills the sleazy motel rooms Denzel envisions his dead naked ladies. A predictable story and ending and forgettable film but good enough for a Saturday night in with a girlfriend who only watches any form of thriller from good to absolutely shitty and Disney films.

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