Logan ★★★★

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have accomplished with Wolverine, Hugh. I've watched you ever since I could remember and X-Men is the first superhero movie I watched and you have not abandoned your role for 17 glorious years.

The first half of Logan was something to behold, it really pushed the limits of its hard R-rating. Showcasing the brutality of Logan's claws ripping limbs and stabbing skulls, something I'm finally able to behold because tbh I was getting real sick of seeing Wolverine slash his foes with no sight of blood on his claws. Also seeing Professor X and Wolverine cussing at each other was spectacular and really pushed everything I've seen these two characters in their previous films out of my head and showed me a new light on these characters. Both damaged versions of their former selves, both losing hope until the light that is Laura enters to show them happiness in a sad decaying world.

However, just like the predecessor of Logan, the third and final act is the weakest part of the film. As the film progresses, it slowly loses the unique touch of the first half and turned into another superhero-esque film. But, that still doesn't take away the powerful last 5 minutes. The 5 minutes that made every grown adult shed a tear from that five letter word from Laura to Logan. That scene alone makes up for the dissappointing final act. That scene alone bumps up my orignal 3 and a half star to 4. And that scene alone is the farewell Hugh deserved for his 17 years as Wolverine, thank you.

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