Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Idk I was GOING TO just put a joke review here, because honestly I didn't care enough to try, I'll just put it here:

'To quote the poet Open Mic Eagle and his piece 'Headass (Idiot Shinji)', "ass"'

Okay so that's done. I was going to do that, and then this movie had to go and get moralistic on me in the last act, and frankly, after this sluggish, lethargic, plotless, structureless, idiotic, scare free, insulting piece of trash, to then get on me about this footnote in the history of something artful that John Carpenter was trying to do, this absolute equivalent to a b side of a failed single from a middling album by a band that had one good record 50 years ago, and to act like it means something tells me two things.

a) the reason this film is scare free is that you think you're making something more important than a horror movie

b) you don't understand that you're making a sequel to the fourth or fifth attempt to rewrite a failed horror franchise from 50 years ago called "Halloween Kills"

Every character in this talks like they're in a telenovella and the director and writer thinks they're writing Hereditary with this shit.

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