Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★

Cam - “a fun and delightful joyride. delivers with lots of thrills, amazing flying scenes, likable characters, and a fun soundtrack. Cruise never seems to cash it in and always works hard to deliver true spectacles.”

Ben - “as far as not so necessary sequels go, this is probably the best you can get for a sequel to the original. The characters, pacing, drama, and technical aspects all soar. Summer movie season is officially here”

Anya - “its attempts to build upon the original’s melodrama are often joyless, leaving the competently safe and bland spectacle appeal to carry the merit of the film. it is boring and the filmmakers have pigeon-holed the potential of compelling cruise beyond props.”

Tyler - “certainly won’t reinvent the genre, but Tom Cruise has delivered an exhilirating and fun crowd pleaser destined for summertime gold”

Marlon - “the magic of top gun maverick will capture new fans along the way in generations to come, the same way the first did. don’t underestimate tom cruise and company, they’re ready to deliver, and they’re willing to flawlessly soar high and deliver one of the best sequels of all time.”

great stare average - 7.5/10

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