Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

This was stupid at times though I still had so much fun watching it. It got a bit rough when it became a horror movie but it brings it back eventually and the final ending was kinda genius. The whole thing doesn't take itself too seriously with the commentary yet it still gives you something to think about. 

Rachel Sennott as Alice was obviously the best but the rest of the cast was great too. They're all toxic in their own way and the messy arguments where they all reveal their fakeness and obvious mental health/drug issues were the best parts of the movie. 

It's wayyyy better than those other teen horror movies that try to play off a party game like Would You Rather or Truth or Dare. There's actually something way bigger and important than the game and it's just used to bring everyone's paranoia up. It can feel pretty tense at times so it's cool how it can still be funny without breaking that tension too much. 

I would kinda group this movie with Spree. I liked this one better but I love how they both are probably gonna be outdated in 10 years for being stupidly amazing portraits of gen-z in the 2020s.

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