Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

This film was truly a great and unique take on the idea and current fad we are seeing in storytelling of the multiverse. Evelyn has a life full of decisions and regrets like all of us do. But for Evelyn, all or her decisions in life feel like the wrong ones, because she is clearly stressed, unhappy and unsatisfied with her lot in life. That is until the multiverse reaches out to her with a mission, and at the worst possible time, during an IRS audit! 

Michelle Yeoh's performance was incredible. She effortlessly carried this story. And she showed an impressive range as her character experienced a huge spectrum of emotions throughout the story. The entire supporting cast was phenomenal as well. Stephanie Hsu who played Joy and Ke Hay Qwan who played Waymond did fantastic as well. They had excellent chemistry and felt like a real family with real problems. It was very easy to care for and get attached to them. 

The writting and pacing was also incredible. The story was chaotic, fast paced but also heart warming and funny. The themes were executed amazingly as well. Asking big questions like; how do we get back to the way things use tk be? How do we get back to happier times as a family and individuals? That in order to find our joy we have to embrace the chaos. And most importantly, that love and kindness is what needs to guide us through uncertain times. 

This film was an easy 5/5, one of the most original films I've seen in a long time.