Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★★

A heartbreaking series of events during a moment in history where if you called yourself a brother, you surely had to behave as such and not let one down. The integrity and determination in looking out for your people, your cause, it speaks for itself.
The title has been fascinating since I first heard it, and by the end of the film I am beyond amazed with how fitting and enhancing it is. The story played the most effective way it could’ve, and Kaluuya’s performance has to be my favorite of his. There’s something about Stanfield where he does the same kind of pouty face in everything I’ve seen him, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad but perhaps that’s some kind of signature look.
The writing in the film, for the most part inspired by many speeches given by the greats, is exceptional. It’s HBO Max release, while subject to many eerie “cinema has died” outcries, has to be something I share my thankfulness for. I got to enjoy it with my siblings (who I know wouldn’t have paid a dime to go out to watch) in the comfort of their home and the experience was still great.
100% would’ve loved to watch this in theaters, though. Man, really reminded me of how much I miss watching the good stuff on the big screen. Great film, looking forward to more HBO Max releases.

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