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This review may contain spoilers.

And I thought my love life are a mess, man, I had no idea.
First things first, the cinematography and the score are masterclass, every shot is so purposeful, focused and full with intent.
The music works excellently, wrapping you in what is already a heavy and heartfelt atmosphere to the point where you are totally immersed in it.
In the scene where Chiron and Kevin were sitting at the beach and the breeze was on, the sound was so real I felt right there with them.

To be honest, part i was the one that worked best for me. The connection between Juan (Mahershala Ali) and Little (Alex Hibbert) was amazing, so touching and heartfelt, I started wondering how it is going to develop.
When part ii started all of that was gone and I was disappointed.
The teenager version of Chiron was a bit different from the kid we saw in part i but I could still relate to him.
Part iii came and we got a completely different character from the previous one, it bothered me as I felt Chiron's character deserved better.
During all of the time I looked at "Black" I kept telling myself that it is a reminder that things (people) are not what they seem to be and that deep inside people can be greatly different than what they seem to be.

"You’re the only man who’s ever touched me... you're the only one."

That last scene was simply crushing, I couldn't feel more sorry.

Mahershala Ali should have had more screen time, he was the man, dominating the screen in every second he was on it, gotta love him.

Naomi Harris gave the best performance I have seen from her.

For me, Moonlight is like the black version of Boyhood, it has soul and heart, even if it is a broken one.

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