Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Oh My God.

This movie is litteraly a masterpiece. I can not find one single flaw with this movie. Yeah sure its a little long but there was not a single second i was bored. This movie was the most fun movie i have seen in the past couple years.

Every single thing about this movie is amazing. Daniels incredible dircting in this movie made it what it is. It is never boring, heartfelt, visually stunning, and halarious action comedy. Some of the fightscenes reminded me of Kingsmen fighting with fast paced action with amazing camera work. If you are going into this movie expecting a slow burn sometimes boring movie like other A24 films you will be pleasently suprised.

The movie at its core is a movie about a family coming together and a mom learning that family is more important than anything else in the universe. The idea of this movie is suprisingly very easy to follow and with a multiversal idea you would think it wouldnt make sense or be to confusing but its very simple. The heartfelt part of this movie had me tearing up and its not easy to get overwhelmed by the action and humor of this movie to forget the core of it. The chemistry between the actors genuinely makes it feel like they are a real life family. The performances in this movie are some of the best performances i have ever seen. Michelle Yeoh deserves an oscar for this performance. She plays this role with such passion and she delivers an outstanding performance. Ke Huy Quan on the otherhand delievers and even better performance in my opinon. Seeing him play so many different types of people really shows how amazing of an actor he is. He delivers a magnificent performance in his supporting role. He really shows his dedication to his family in his role and seeing him interact as different people super quickly really shows how talented he is.

The score and cinematography in this movie is one for the books. The score in the third act is one of the best scores i have heard in my entire life. Son Lux poured their heart out into this score and the score alone is beautiful enough to make you tear up. Seeing the different universes in this movie all with their own style is not only halarious but beautiful. Daniels shows how even the stupidest things can still find a way to be powerful and amazing to watch. 

All in All this movie is one of the greatest movies i have seen in my life. I am so excited for when this movie officaly releases world wide and everyone can understand my love for this movie and people will see the visionary triumph this movie is

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