Eraser ★★★★

Eraser gets a rep as one of Arnold’s weaker movies, but I think the second and third acts of it are so darn fun.

Directed by Chuck Russell, Eraser stars Arnold as John Kruger, a witness protection agent that is tasked with protecting a high-profile witness (Vanessa Williams). Set up as a traitor, Kruger must go on the run to clear his name and stop the bad guys.

Despite it being one of Schwarzenegger’s lesser known flicks (compared to The Terminator films or something like Commando or True Lies), I’ve always found Eraser to be a fun action thriller. After a rather conventional first act, Russell impresses with some wildly entertaining and well-staged action sequences. Sure, it doesn’t leave a lasting impact after it’s over, but Eraser very much succeeds at providing that summer popcorn escapism feeling, which is sorely missed these days.

Grade: A-

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