Red to Kill

Red to Kill ★★★

The film opens with the following text screen.

"This film hopes to draw closer attention to people with mental conditions."

What the fuck? I don't know why the hell a Category III rape revenge flick would even act like they have some noble message behind it. I couldn't help but fucking laugh.

I really am confused as to what kind of person this film is intended for. I watched it because disturbing films, like these Category III Hong Kong films, spark a morbid curiosity in me. I'm interested to see how far they go. But could that be the audience this film was made for? I have no idea. The issue is that the film has a bit too much sad and depressing drama in it to be a fun in a "fucked up exploitation" sort of way. It bounces between this insanely over the top blood fest to disturbing "Irreversible" kind of rape scenes. And it does disturb. There's a scene in a shower involving a razor blade that had me cringing a little bit, and that's saying something considering I recently watched Antichrist.

Furthermore I wonder what the director intended in terms of some scenes. When a mentally challenged girl is being raped, it does seem odd when the actress playing her has a perfect body that most men would find attractive and it is shot in a way that kind of brings a bit of attention to it. I don't want to accuse the film of trying to make rape seem sexy, but it does seem like they tried to lighten the darkness through eroticism, which is totally strange.

The main bad guy is just like every insane Category III villain. Shot in dutch angles and wide angle lenses, he groans and moans and drools and makes insane faces as he rips his clothes off and shows his insanely muscular body and hilariously tight ass. I did enjoy that he was this toned creepo, as it made for an interesting physical detail that is unique. It also made him more frightening in later scenes when you see how powerful and almost indestructible he seems.

Yeah this film had some enjoyably crazy moments, and even the disturbing stuff makes for some unique and interesting viewing, but it also does nothing to make itself unique to the Cat III genre, and just comes across as a bit confused on what the hell it's trying to do, especially with it's massive downer of a dramatic ending.

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