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I remember seeing this in theaters (I was 14) and being pretty blown away. This film is a landmark in cinema due to it's use of CGI to create an entire world. Unfortunately, today's world of film is saturated with worlds created entirely in CGI, which makes this films flaws much more obvious upon re-watch.

I watched the extended cut, which adds about 19 minutes of extra content. Even without this extra footage, the film is too long. I just found myself getting bored with things. When this was first released, people were enthralled by this colorful world being shown to us, shocking us with the amount of CGI work. Now, it's not surprising and the Pocahontas story just isn't interesting enough to hold me, and I think a lot of people agree.

The best part of the film is the final action sequence. That's fun even compared to films today, and you get to just sit back and enjoy some thrills. I will say I did find it a bit jarring seeing these big blue people slaughter humans. I know they are supposed to be the bad guys because they are destroying the forest, but some of the military guys just seem like dudes being told what to do, dudes who are scared of the battle before them, and yet we see them with huge arrows being shot through their chests or even (the implication, anyways) being torn apart by helicopter blades. I couldn't help but notice how strange it felt while watching.

Obviously a milestone in cinema, but it just doesn't have enough to age well. A stepping stone, but not the peak.

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