The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

I prefer part 1, mainly because it Marlon Brando and his presence  but holy fuck was this a perfect movie.

Both Al Pacino and Niro are phenomenal in this movie. Michael and Vito Corleone are truly two of the best written characters ever. I do edge Al Pacino for best performance but again both were brilliant. 

Michael Corleone’s character is so brilliantly emotionally complex. He becomes so consumed by violence and negativity in the end. I think that’s what makes the end of the movie so perfect in how it shows the birthday scene. Vito never wanted this for Michael and in trying to honour Vito he went against his wishes for him completely. But also, Michael doesn’t even want to be who he is. He’s doing this because he’s feels he needs to, even though his father wouldn’t want him to. I think that’s what makes the final shot so affective, because it shows him at his lowest. Completely broken. 

Young Vito’s story in this was also fascinating af. Seeing his journey to power was great. I loved the scenes with Vito and baby Michael and how they juxtapose to present Michael. Its only a couple scenes but so effective in how it shows what Vito truly wanted for Michael. 

The writing is ever so genius in how everything matters and how it all links together. I definitely wanna read the screenplay at some point for this and first. As an aspiring screenwriter I hope to write something even half as good as this.

This film also looked absolutely gorgeous, there’s just something about it that truly brings you into this world and ties you into the family. I think the music does that well too, it’s used to such a perfect effect.

Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton aren’t talked about enough in this film. They’re both fantastic but understandably overshadowed by Niro and Pacino. I just think they add a nice backbone to the film. 

  I know it was you _____, you broke my heart! - truly one of the best lines in cinema

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