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*This is a very old review that I wrote and it feels TOO short to me, a movie like BLADE RUNNER should have a better review than this, but I shall review it in time.

Blade Runner" is the best Ridley Scott film, it might rival "Gladiator" and "Alien" BUT to me, this one takes the price. Everyone talks about the great effects and Scott's vision of Los Angeles circa 2019, but I look at Harrison Ford's character of Rick Deckard; and to me that's one of the best movie characters of all time. Because Ford I mean, he's the perfect Deckard I can't imagine any other actor playing him, (like Matt Damon was born to play Jason Bourne and Malcolm McDowell was born to play Alex DeLarge) I also think that Daryl Hannah (Pris) Rutger Hauer (Roy Batty) and Sean Young (Racheal) did good jobs as well in the acting department. When you think about it Ford had some great movies that he appeared in the late 70s and early 80s. The "Star Wars" films, the "Indiana Jones" films and "Blade Runner". Back to the film, hall125 of California said it best "It is a film that will not age; it is timeless and on that note, it is important to acknowledge that this film will never be forgotten" And he is right, this vision that Scott managed to portray on film is masterful and the plot is good and everything but this movie focuses more on the eye candy than its plot. I especially loved the little photo machine that Deckard has in his room to close up or zoom on pictures. Again, I loved this movie and it is a masterpiece, every sense of the word. 4 out of 4 stars.

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