Batman Returns

Batman Returns ★★★★½

Somewhere along the way, superhero movies stopped being about the problems of reconciling dual identities. The Superman and Batman movies and Raimi's Spider-mans are about that, about their heroes essentially being ashamed of their power and wanting more than anything to not have it, to not be different from the masses, but circumstances force them to stand out, to lead, to save the day.

But that's never the issue in the MCU movies. Those heroes are more than happy to flaunt their power. Think of how few of them have secret identities anymore - even Spider-man has now been outed. They're proud of their superiority, and the films are ultimately about whether we the normal people have any right to limit that power at all, and whether superheroes have any obligation to the wider public beyond their own will.

I assume this has something to do with a deep generational shift in the American mentality. Or maybe just that of the corporate overlords who are the true auteurs of contemporary superhero cinema,

Anyway, this one is even better than the first, a near-perfect fusion of Burton's goofily gothic fairy tales with the Batworld's peculiar blend of gadgets, puns, and psychotic cosplay. lmao at "Chip Shreck".

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