From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

Daily Horror Hunt June 2019
Day 3: Fred Williamson

"Lmao what I didn't even realize I wrote that scene where the dancer puts her foot in my mouth and i drink liquor pouring from her leg and then I suck her toes like I wouldn't write that but it's in the script so it has to happen haha"- Tarantino when he arrives on set for the scene at the Titty Twister

A little behind since finals are coming up and we're getting ready for concerts, bit after Tuesday it's gonna be over for you bitches bc whenever I'm not at work a movie will be up on a screen in front of me. I'm healthy don't worry (do please I'm scared). 

Anyways yeah I loved the beginning of this movie but then the vampires appeared and there were more and more feet shots and it got a little wierd but it was fun. George Clooney and Audry from Christmas Vacation fighting stripper vampires in Mexico is a win in my book.

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