Gaslight ★½

Gaslight: Taste of Fear 

“Dad’s been murdered, Kapil.”

Pavan Kirpalani’s Gaslight has good intentions but is a pretty shoddy thriller. Nothing about it except the basic idea is really interesting. The concept of a woman being gaslit has been used effectively in a lot of films. For example, The Invisible Man. Something doesn’t feel right the moment Sara’s character comes into the palace. The title itself explains everything you need to know before the first major reveal happens. It’s quite predictable perhaps due to Vikrant Massey being cast. The other major reveal isn’t as predictable but that doesn’t make it effective. Very dull storytelling and you will probably mentally check out way before things start to heat up. Massey and Chitrangada are fine in a generic sense. Sara is bad here and not believable at all. This is another showcase for her to prove herself. An OTT release so you can claim a lot of people watched it. A few positive reviews here and there and she can create a perception that she did good simply because the film itself is not a typical commercial one. Waste of time 


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