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  • The Thing
  • Friday the 13th
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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  • A Christmas Carol


  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife


  • Finch


  • The Night House


Recent reviews

  • A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol


    This was a solid 8 out of 10 until the last third when perhaps the scariest ghost of them all turns into a nonentity. Add to this a perplexing chase sequence with ghost horses that felt like it lasted twenty minutes that stopped the movie dead in its tracks and the movie face plants at the end. 

    The first three ghosts range from creepy (Ghost of Christmas Present) to terrifying (Marley) and it was  heartbreaking to me to see them fumble the Ghost of Christmas Future so badly. Oh well humbug…

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky


    This might be one of my favorite installments of the Chucky franchise simply because of the ridiculous premise and fourth wall-breaking meta storyline. On top of this, the gore is spectacular not to mention the all-star cast. It's shocking that Chucky would be the slasher to maintain a consistent level of quality throughout the franchise but here we are.

    This is an odd duckling of the franchise sandwiched between two new beginnings and due to that I feel that it's underappreciated. It's funnier than Bride for me and the violence is more over-the-top than future installments.

Popular reviews

  • Tales of Halloween

    Tales of Halloween


    Yesterday was a banger of a day. After picking a hugely disappointing film for weekly horror movie night, I felt it necessary to redeem myself. What better choice than one of the best anthology films to arrive in the last decade. Wait, hear me out!

    Tales of Halloween is such a good anthology film not because it is consistently entertaining, but due to the sheer number of horror films contained therein. The film contains a horror flavor for every horror…

  • Maniac



    When I first encountered Maniac, it was sold to me as a slasher film. I suppose in some ways it is. There is a methodical nature to the body count that is reminiscent of the slasher formula, but I'm not sure I would throw this in with the much maligned fast food horror genre. In my eyes, the film is more ambitious and impactful than your typical slasher. I love Slasher films, but in my mind they are fun, stress…