• The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    (Short "Review" Today)

    The Suicide Squad is now one of my favorite movies from the Dceu and its such a big improvement from the 2016 Suicide Squad. It's a extremely fun movie with great comedy and amazing characters. Dc is finally getting back on there feet hopefully more of their upcoming projects will be amazing just like this one. Also King Shark is the best out of the team.

    Overall:A really fun and entertaining movie that you can easily just…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


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    This is one of my favorite marvel movies and it will probably number 1 if i made a list on the MCU. I just love this movie in a lot of ways and ill show you why.

    The good:
    Every main in the movie is well casted and made a group of "who are these guys and why should we care about them" into one of the most recognized characters in the marvel cinematic universe. The action is really well…

  • Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

    Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

    Fire Amber Turd and maybe ill watch this movie

  • Loki



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not doing a long review but just something i wanted to say.
    Why does this have a 4.3/5.0 rating average? Don't get me wrong its soild but it definitely doesn't deserve it.
    Its fun,creative and enjoyable like all of the disney + marvel shows.
    And i give a + just for that,but most of the episodes were just meh and some were exceptional. Also Tom Hiddleston was pretty good and funny at some points.

    Overall:A fun show but not good enough to keep me interested for the 2nd season.

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    Spiderman 3 is a downgrade from the 2 previous Spiderman Movies.

    But does that means it sucks?

    The good:
    No way Spiderman 3 is the enjoyable as heck and probably the most funniest Spiderman movie in the franchise. The action is really great. The CGI is pretty good in some parts like the symbiote but it could clunky at some times .The emotional scenes are really good and are the best parts of the movie

    The bad:
    Emo peter is…

  • Whiplash



    Whiplash is freaking fantastic

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    (Edited this review to say more things)

    Captain marvel is a really dull movie and is one of marvels weakest films.
    Its dull as heck but there are minor things i like about it.

    The "Good":
    Nick Fury is in the movie for some reason. He's alright i guess.
    Goose the cat is cool but the backstory to how Nick Fury lost his eye is pretty lame.The CGI in the movie is alright.

    That all i can think that's "good",…

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    Still as amazing as i remembered

  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    This movie has a lot of problems but I enjoyed it.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    This movie is so dumb and stupid....

  • The Prince of Egypt

    The Prince of Egypt


    This is the best animated movie i have ever watched.

  • Venom


    Bad movie yet fun at the same time