Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★

So Jupiter Ascending wasn't as eye gougingly bad as I thought it would be.

It looked stunning! The effects were properly great! You could feel like you were in the movie especially with the 3D and how detailed the effects were (I mean, you can still know it's green screen but you could bare with it).

Pity the movie had an atrociously cliche script and coincidentalness to it...And that...romance. Ergh. There is chemistry but another film to succumb to the hero version of Stockholm Syndrome...it's lazy and generic. :/

Wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing. Probably destined to be that one film you remember watching that one time and decide not to watch it again..

Oh, and Channing Tatum has these gravity boots that kinda negate the films motivation for that character but hey ho

Eddie Redmayne...OMG...I laughed hard when he first came on with that voice! Extremely off putting as a villian because you just see him and this bipolar voice of his.

Not bad but not great either

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