From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

Writing about genre-changing films is always fun. No matter if it's a box-office hit, no matter how often you've seen it or everything has actually already been written.
"From Dusk Till Dawn" is one of those Guilty Pleasures, a genre bastard that you don't need to be ashamed of today, that has performed excellently and that even people which don't like this type of movie like. Cult in the truest sense of the word. Not art but damn fun; not a saint, more like a lovable bastard. This two-part film is just so entertaining, there is so much to it that you hardly know where to start ...
Probably least of all in the story, everyone knows it: the wanted gangsters, the Gecko brothers, kidnap a small family, cross the border to Mexico and end up in a crazy saloon full of vampires, the Titty Twister. Ok, now I've played the content again - but doesn't that sound good every time and just ahead of its time? Grindhouse without being too fond of it, having fun without getting too silly, being aware of yourself and your genre mix without becoming too meta, exploitation without seemingly forced gore and film errors cut into the picture. Tarantino, Rodriguez and the whole team just had fun and you notice that in every moment. Such films are no longer made today - and that borders on a sad shame. But it also shows that it is by no means just trash and dirt, as a few snobbish critics want to put it down.
Even if Rodriguez never reached this class again in the last few years, I will never forget him "Sin City", "Planet Terror", "Desperado" and especially "FDTD". This is how you make yourself a cult director and a little genre legend. A fanatic who makes films for fans, freaks and crazy people. Tarantino's little brother, so to speak ... Back to the titty twister and torn hearts. To name just a few things that make you smile again and again: Clooney in his rawest and coolest role, completely against the grain and image, an absolute badass and antihero. Tarantino in a perverse parade role and probably his best appearance in front of the camera ever. Style change right in the middle of the film, something for everyone. Selma Hayek's dance. Iconic sayings like: "What is there in Mexico?" - "Mexicans". Enough splatter fun to fill you up for days, including a number of ideas and many practical effects. Guest appearances by Savini and others that will be remembered. Comic-like characters who still appear human and grow dear to you. And above all, none of them have a survival ticket. Just bad taste with style. A highlight of the 90s.
Iconic road trip, fun vampire movie, cool grindhouse style before it got "in" (by the two makers) - all in one snotty complete package.

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