Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

"Blade Runner" is so much - a melancholic, earthbound anti "Star Wars", a future 40s detective thriller, a milestone in Tech Noir films and a story about human consciousness and the value of life. In any case, he comes up with some unusual compositions at the time, is visually and stylistically very impressive, almost avant-garde. To date, he has had an immense influence on the SF genre, especially in depicting the overpopulated metropolises of tomorrow.
"Blade Runner" is more like a dream than a normal film. A dream of futuristic abysses, dirty neon lights and a humanity on the test bench. Still no movie for the masses, still a cult niche program. And yet a milestone for his genre. Full of iconic images, oppressive cyberpunk atmosphere and spherical sounds. A modern classic that does not bow to any trend, does not adapt to any era and that will not have lost its topicality and beauty in a hundred years. It's about a cop in futuristic L.A. who is supposed to hunt artificial people, so-called replicants ...
Here you can see Ridley Scott at his zenith. Only he could top his "alien" again. There are said to be people who have watched "Blade Runner" hundreds of times and who still discover or even feel something new each time. I believe that immediately. No other film has such a pull, such light-footed weight. Neo Noir was born. Likewise hundreds of other style-defining elements and moments. From fashion to technology to the view of being human. From "5th Element" to "Ghost In The Shell". Without Scott's Orion Nebula of a movie, not only would the film world not be the same. Few films grow so much with and in one. Give him (preferably the final cut) several chances. It is like a positive tumor on your cinephile soul.
the most artistically groundbreaking sci-fi epic of the past 50 years. An absolute masterpiece that lasts with time, with an infinite lifespan. A diamond between neon, dirt and philosophy. Too good to be true!

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