• Fallen Leaves

    Fallen Leaves


    Cute, depressing and funny, all at once.

  • Maria Montessori

    Maria Montessori


    Some interesting parts but overall it's not very original.

  • A Real Job

    A Real Job


    My mom is a teacher my sister is a teacher my cousin is a teacher so this felt more like a family reunion than a film somehow (I'm kidding it was fun and nice to watch).

  • Madame de Sévigné

    Madame de Sévigné


    It's pretty to watch and everything but who cares really ?

  • The Beast

    The Beast


    I slept for most of it but whenever I was awake my brain was like "no thoughts head empty" ... sorry everyone i really wanted to like that one

  • Small, Slow But Steady

    Small, Slow But Steady


    Quiet, beautiful, delicate. Loved the photography, the editing, the writing. I realized very early on this is the kind of cinema I always want and need to see.

  • Afire



    Didn't expect it to be so intense, the last part especially left me feeling upset and empty. The change in tone and pace towards the end was quite brutal and made me feel anxious. Superbly written and directed, as usual.

  • Toni



    Quite simple yet so beautiful. I laughed a few times and even cried at some point. Watching this with my mom who went back to uni when she was 50 years old to become a teacher was even more moving.

  • Rosalie



    I might have fallen asleep a little bit towards the end...

  • Àma Gloria

    Àma Gloria


    This was so beautiful and delicate and tender. The two actresses deliver such moving, precious performances.

  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides


    This film holds a very special place in my heart and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to watch it at the theatre. How beautiful, atmospheric and heartbreaking... I'll never forget how the last scene made me feel the first time I watched it.

  • The Animal Kingdom

    The Animal Kingdom


    Sometimes a little bit too easy but sometimes quite bold, the result is quite unique, at least when it comes to french cinema. The costumes and makeup are beautiful. Several readings are possible but really it's mostly a tender tale about the celebration of growing up, changing and being different.